Tim Knapen



Longhand Publishers at Graphic Design Festival Breda 2014
Want Some Action II with Kris Vleeschouwer for Voorkamer, 2014
Gallery Opening, 2014
Verly viewer, interactive installation at "Bonaparte aan de Schelde", for MAS Antwerp, 2013
OpenStructures font, developed at The Institute Effect, Lisbon Architecture Triennale, 2013
GearMaker software, 2013
Godmode at TontonClub, Amsterdam, 2013
Digital 3D scan and modifier tool at The Machine, 2012
Evil Eye Records, residency project at Frans Masereel Center, 2012
RecordMaker.app - an app for generating the kind of visual waveforms the Evil Eye can play. 2012
Software development for The Homeless Cat by David Claerbout, 2011
Designer Glasses, created with GCode Stacker, 2011
GCode Stacker, custom SVG to GCode software, 2011
L'Artisan Electronique virtual pottery wheel, 2010
L'Artisan Electronique, developing a laser 3D scanner, 2010
Godmode, 2007
Foundations for the Rules, 2001