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GCode Stacker, 2011

In 2011, when open source 3D printing and personal manufacturing were still in their infancy, the software that was used to operate Reprap like 3D printers was very much focused on generating solid structural objects. 

GCode Stacker is custom software I developed to allow control over REPRAP-like 3D printers up to the line-level and make it possible to use them as more expressive tools. Throughout history, craftsmen have created and adjusted the tools they use to practice their craft. This software aims to restore this spirit in the "digital craft" of 3D printing.

As a first test, we 3D printed some glasses in which every part was hand drawn to create a different texture than the standard 3D printing infills. Afterwards, this software was extensively used in the projects L'Artisan Electronique and Stratigraphic Porcelain.


Technical Details:
Built in Objective C++ with Open Frameworks and BWToolkit.