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Weather Almanac x
Photo: Lupi Spuma

Photo: Lupi Spuma

Weather Almanac, 2020

Weather Almanac is an instrument that captures real-time and historical meteorological activity, and transports it into the domestic sphere. Inspired by the ways in which the external forces find their way into Schloss Hollenegg’s interiors – from the gentle rattle of a light wind, to the deafening sound of a summer storm – the piece aims to not only relay quantitative data, but to also display qualitative experiences of movement, colour and sound.

The electro-mechanical flipdot display is controlled by custom software connected to the weather data of Graz-Thalerhof airport. The wind and rain data is used as an input to change the composition of the display: when there is almost no wind outside, the coloured pixel of the panel move slowly and subtly; with strong wind, a wave of flipping dots rattle like the windows of the castle; when it rains, the sound is deafening.

In collaboration with Jon Stam at Commonplace Studio

Produced with the generous support of Schloss Hollenegg for Design

Photo by Lupi Spuma



Flipdot display, aluminum CNC milled frame, micro controller, custom electronics and software

Walden, Schloss Hollenegg, Austria