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Bonaparte aan de Schelde x
Bonaparte aan de Schelde, 2013

At the exhibition "Bonaparte aan de Schelde" ("Bonaparte at the Scheldt") at the MAS museum in Antwerp, we offered visitors the ability to explore the differences between the map of Antwerp today, before Napoleon and during Napoleon's time.

The installation "Verly Viewer" shows a high quality detail of an antique map of the city. By simple moving their finger over a smaller, printed map of the city, visitors could explore every little detail of the huge map (15.000 by 10.000 pixels!) and even reveal hidden information in specific locations. A square lights up on the printed map to always clearly display the area you are looking at.

A slider underneath the printed map allows you to fade between the current day's map, Napoleon's plans and an even older map of the city.

Designed in collaboration with Andreas Depauw at Indianen and Unfold.

Photography by Kristof Vrancken.

Software in C++ with Open Frameworks 
iOS software for map interface and UDP networking in Objective-C
This project uses my open source library ofxGiantImage.