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Longhand Publishers x
Longhand Publishers, 2014

A collaborative book making installation.

At Longhand Publishers, visitors are invited to design pages for small publications that are being produced on the spot. People can create pages on 3 design workstations that were built using custom software and electronics. Every book that is being produced is completely unique, 'printed' on the spot by a home made drawing machine.

Longhand Publishers is an open playground: a set of possibilities and a set of constraints.



Designed and built at indianen with Andreas Depauw.
With the kind support of Graphic Design Festival Breda.‚Äč
Special thanks to Chris Depauw.

Technical Details:
Custom software built in C++ with Open Frameworks
firmware for electronics programmed in C with Arduino.


KIKK Festival, Namur, Belgium
SHOWROOM , Antwerp, Belgium
Interieur Kortrijk, Kortrijk, Belgium
Zine Camp, Worm, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Graphic Design Festival Breda, Breda, The Netherlands
Ik Zie U Graag Festival, Breda, The Netherlands
Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam, The Netherlands